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Auto Shipping By Train

Auto Shipping By Train There’s no harm in considering shipping a car by train but going through with it is a whole other story.

Should you consider Shipping a car by train?

It depends on the amount of money that you’re willing to spend as well. Rail shipping is not as cost effective as regular, carrier driven auto transportation. To load your vehicle onto the train can cost thousands – which is more than you’d be paying to ship your vehicle door to door. This cost is exasperated by the fact that in some cases you may have to have your car shipped by truck to the train terminal for further transport. Some train transport services offer door to door service but since more parties are involved and different means of transportation this can elongate time and jack up prices. The easiest and most cost effective option pertaining to rail car transportation would be to drop off and pick up your car at the terminal which maybe very inconvenient for some people.

Vehicles aren’t transported by train nearly as much as they used to be and most of the rails that do transport cars do it in bulk for companies like Toyota and Honda. It isn’t easy finding a rail service that will transport one car for you to exactly where you’re going. One of the few rails that still offer this service, Amtrak auto shipping, runs between Washington D.C. and Florida. Amtrak car transport has several requirements that you have to follow in order to use their service.

Limits to Rail Car Transportation

  • You cannot transport cars by train higher than 65 inches
  • Your car must have four inches of ground clearance
  • You cannot transport SUVs or vans taller than 88 inches
  • To use this service you must also travel with your vehicle at all times

Trains are a time tested and valuable form of transportation. But it is just not the best option for someone to ship their vehicle from one location to the other. Trucks aren’t bound to rail lines or terminals and they can use the fastest possible routes to deliver your vehicle quickly. Try our free car transport quote system to see just how cost effective auto shipping by train can be.