Shipping Overseas without Breaking the Bank

It’s difficult to pin down a close estimate for shipping a car overseas. This is mainly due to all of the variables that go along with international car transportation—it’s complicated. That’s why with this post we decided to highlight a few factors that will greatly affect the shipping costs. These areas are a good place to start if you’re trying to cut down on your moving expenses.

Delivery Time Frame

One of the main determining factors on the cost of oversea shipping is the delivery time frame. It’s a term that can mean a number of things. For one, it can pertain to the window you would like the car to be delivered. The more precise a date, the more money it will cost. Providing a larger window for the vehicle to be delivered will almost certainly mean less money. This is because there will be no rush on the part of the carrier to get the car to its destination in a rigid time frame. Time of delivery can also pertain to the season your delivery will be made. In some cases, you’ll be able to save money by shipping your vehicle during a busy season—since all of the other vehicles being transported at that time will help offset the cost of moving yours.

Pick-up/Drop-Off Location

Another factor in estimating the cost of your international car shipping,is the placement of your car. More specifically, a lot of cost can total up depending on the starting point and ending point of your vehicle delivery. For instance, purchasing door to door transport will be more expensive than say—hub to hub transportation. A good way to reduce costs would be to bring your car to an easy pick up area—like a large parking lot, or as close to the place where it is being shipped out of as possible. The same goes for the drop off areas as well.


The final predominant factor we have to take into account when trying to estimate the cost of an overseas shipment is insurance. Insurance is a tricky aspect of oversea vehicle shipping to take into account—and they can add to the total cost more than you may think. The cost to insure a vehicle for oversea transport is usually between One and a half percent and two and a half percent of the value of the car being shipped. Trust me when I say, that 1.5% adds up to more than you may think. It’s up to you to decide just how much insurance you want. We would suggest make sure you have your vehicle insured—but without straining your budget.

Overseas car transportation doesn’t have to be a bankrupting process. And hopefully this guide has made the whole ordeal slightly easier for you.